Units of Work


Beginnings RPS










Beginnings - RPS


I am too small for School

I don't want to go to School

Possum goes to School

Beginnings (docx 492 KB)

Magic RPS

Magic - RPS


Me and My Cat

The Magic Hat

Possum Magic

Magic (docx 1357 KB)

Belonging GPPS

Belonging - GPPS


The Kinder Hat

Mr McGee

Timothy goes to School

Rosie's Walk

Spot goes to School

Belonging (docx 637 KB)

Dreaming GPPS

Dreaming - GPPS


How the Kangaroos got their tails

Dunbi the Owl

How the Birds got their colours

The Echidna and the Shade Tree

Dreaming (doc 743 KB)


This is Me! - WPS


This is Me! (docx 644 KB)



Make Believe - WPS

Green Eggs and Ham

The Gingerbread Man

Who Sank the Boat

Make Believe (docx 252 KB)


Surveyors Creek PS -


Belonging (docx 637 KB)

The Terrible Suitcase

The Terrible Suitcase - GPPS

This Unit of Work is based on the one text -

The Terrible Suitcase.

The Terrible Suitcase (docx 142 KB)