Units of Work

Beginnings RPS










Beginnings - RPS


I am too small for School

I don't want to go to School

Possum goes to School

Beginnings (docx 492 KB)

Magic RPS

Magic - RPS


Me and My Cat

The Magic Hat

Possum Magic

Magic (docx 1357 KB)

Belonging GPPS

Belonging - GPPS


The Kinder Hat

Mr McGee

Timothy goes to School

Rosie's Walk

Spot goes to School

Belonging (docx 637 KB)

Dreaming GPPS

Dreaming - GPPS


How the Kangaroos got their tails

Dunbi the Owl

How the Birds got their colours

The Echidna and the Shade Tree

Dreaming (doc 743 KB)


The Terrible Suitcase

The Terrible Suitcase - GPPS

This Unit of Work is based on the one text -

The Terrible Suitcase.

The Terrible Suitcase (docx 142 KB)